Taking ownership of Town & Country Animal Hospital has been a dream come true for Dr. Seth, who was born and raised in Gunnson, CO.  Dr. Seth and his wife Vanissa are excited to be back home.  Colorado natives, Dr. Seth and Vanissa have spent the past 5 years in Watford City, North Dakota. Joining forces with Dr. Bruce Pedersen (owner of VetExperts), “We grew in significant ways both personally and professionally”, Vanissa shared.  The husband-wife duo learned about their complementary skills by providing quality medicine and compassionate client care within the veterinary industry.

“We loved North Dakota, especially the people, but our hearts reside in the Colorado mountains”, Dr. Seth states.  Dr. Seth is excited to be offering his expertise and services to the Gunnison Valley.  During his time in North Dakota, Dr. Seth was given the opportunity to advance his skills in many areas.  “As a rural mixed-animal practice, it was not realistic to refer patients to a more specialized facility unless the client was willing to travel 10 hours to Colorado State University. I performed complex surgical procedures, offered state-of-the-art diagnostics and explored the newest treatment regimens. I am very thankful for the growth opportunity I had during my time in Watford City.”

By capitalizing on her medical knowledge as an R.N., and by applying her passion for leadership, Vanissa helped in the discovery of Watford City Veterinary Center and ultimately became a Leadership Coach for the entire VetExperts team of 6 doctors and nearly 30 staff members.  “I believe that each person should be valued and appreciated.  This of-course is true for how we should perceive our clients, but each staff member should seek to appreciate their fellow co-workers in an effort to create a healthy work environment. It is undeniable that a place of work greatly impacts our identity. I consistently share with my team that I expect them to enjoy their work and I encourage this by empowering them to take ownership of their role within the practice.” Vanissa explains about her management philosophy.

In June of 2017, Seth and Vanissa bought their home in Gunnison and they are here to stay.  “We are in the family business…” raising 3 kids (5yrs & 2yrs & 6mos) “…and also in the veterinary business. Often the two overlap, and that is how we prefer to manage our lives, we want our kids to learn alongside us. The opportunity to return to Gunnison, CO is such a blessing because it’s what we have hoped and prayed for. Now we are home!”