Taking ownership of Town & Country Animal Hospital has been a dream come true for Dr. Seth, who was born and raised in Gunnison, CO.  Dr. Seth and his wife Vanissa are excited to be back home.  Colorado natives, Dr. Seth and Vanissa moved to Watford City, North Dakota in 2013 where they helped grow a mixed animal veterinary practice in the heart of the Bakken Oilfield during the height of the boom. “We grew in significant ways both personally and professionally.” The husband-wife duo learned about their complementary skills by providing quality medicine and compassionate client care within the veterinary industry.

“We loved North Dakota, especially the people, but our hearts reside in the Colorado mountains”, Dr. Seth states.  Dr. Seth is excited to be offering his expertise and services to the Gunnison Valley.  During his time in North Dakota, Dr. Seth was given the opportunity to advance his skills in many realms.  As a rural mixed-animal practice, it was not realistic to refer patients to a more specialized facility unless the client was willing to travel 10 hours. By offering state-of-the-art diagnostics and having the capability to perform complex surgical procedures, Dr. Seth practiced comprehensive mixed animal medicine for 5 years before pursuing practice ownership in Gunnison.

By capitalizing on her medical knowledge as an R.N., and by pursuing her passion for people, Vanissa manages the business operations. She believes that work culture and individual purpose within the workplace are essential to a successful business. “It is undeniable that a place of work greatly impacts our identity, and I want our staff to be positively impacted by committing to work with us.”

Town and Country Animal Hospital is now Mountain Legacy Veterinary Center and is a business of integrity and grit where excellence is standard.  A true mixed animal practice in a rural mountain town providing the care that clients want when they need it the most.

“We are in the family business… raising 3 kids, and also in the veterinary business. Often the two overlap because we want our kids to learn alongside us. The opportunity to return to Gunnison, CO is such a blessing because it’s what we have hoped and prayed for. Now we are home!”