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Using Ultrasonography to Improve Bovine Reproductive Management

Determining the breeding female’s pregnancy status is an important management tool in bovine herds, to identify which cows should be removed from the herd, and if estrous synchronization and artificial insemination attempts were successful. Ultrasonography offers many advantages over manual palpation, and makes this process more efficient and profitable. Our team at Mountain Legacy Veterinary [...]

6 Ways to Guarantee Success When Medicating Your Pet

“Oh no,” you think to yourself, when the veterinarian hands you a large bottle of what appears to be capsules big enough for a horse. “How am I supposed to get these into my dachshund to treat that infected tooth?” Medicating your pet is not always easy, and can seem impossible at times. If, despite [...]

What Pet Owners Need to Know About Veterinary Burnout

Burnout results from chronic workplace stress that is not successfully managed. The syndrome is characterized by three dimensions including energy depletion, increased mental distance from one’s job, and negative feelings about one’s job. While working in veterinary medicine can be extremely rewarding, the career can also be extremely stressful. Veterinarians are at high risk for [...]

Marijuana Toxicity in Pets

Marijuana use was recently legalized in Colorado, making the drug’s household presence a common occurrence. As marijuana has become more accessible across the country, pets have increasingly been affected. In fact, the Animal Poison Control Center reported a 765 percent increase in calls about pets ingesting marijuana in 2019, compared with the same period the [...]

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