Livestock Services

Veterinary care for flocks and herds.



Providing the valley with herd-health services since 2018, we love and respect the ranching lifestyle. With investments for the growth of our large animal service we have prepared for mobile herd health visits and will be traveling with a mobile hydraulic Silencer chute. The mobile chute facilitates accessibility and treatability for medication administration, pregnancy evaluation, or surgical procedures on cattle or other bovine.

  • Herd Health Planning and Care
  • Pregnancy Evaluation by Ultrasound (99% Accuracy)
  • General Surgery
  • Semen Evaluation
  • Trichomoniasis Testing
  • Brucellosis Vaccination Administration
  • Calving Assistance and Surgical Intervention
  • Health Certificates
We travel with our Mobile Hydraulic Silencer Chute!
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Small Ruminants

Where passion meets purpose. Most small ruminant owners have devoted their lives to the small ruminants they care for, and we respect that devotion. We are here to walk the journey with you by providing support during the mucky birthing seasons, preventing illness by creating vaccination plans specific to your needs, and offering professional consultations at your request. Let us know how we can help you and your herd. Read More