If you think taking your pet to the veterinarian is a hassle, you will appreciate our exceptional in-home veterinary services that can benefit you and your pet. You don’t have to head to the city when your pet requires veterinary attention, since we can provide advanced medical care in your home. Our team at Mountain Legacy Veterinary Center wants to explain the advantages of mobile veterinary care.

#1: Mobile veterinary care is less stressful for your pet

Many pets become anxious and afraid when they go to the veterinarian. The strange smells, new faces, and bright lights can be overwhelming, leading to stress, which can affect your pet psychologically and physiologically. When your pet is stressed, their body releases cortisol and adrenaline, and these hormones can tax your pet’s body. 

  • Behavioral changes — When your pet is stressed, they can become fatigued or frustrated, leading to unwanted behaviors such as aggression and restlessness. They may demonstrate these feelings by destroying household items, vocalizing excessively, or overgrooming.
  • Digestive issues — Stress causes an adrenaline release, which decreases blood flow to your pet’s gut, and can lead to stress-induced diarrhea or colitis. In addition, increased cortisol levels can increase stomach acid production, causing your pet to lose their appetite and potentially feel nauseous.
  • Urinary changes — In cats, stress plays a significant role in feline idiopathic cystitis, a syndrome that results in urinating outside the litter box, difficulty urinating, frequent urination, and bloody urine.
  • Weakened immune system — Increased cortisol levels can also lower lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, and decrease your pet’s ability to fight infection.

Stress can also skew diagnostic results, making a diagnosis more difficult. When your pet’s veterinary care is performed in your home, your pet can remain in a comfortable and familiar environment, and they will likely experience less anxiety and fear.

#2: Mobile veterinary care eliminates the need for difficult car rides

Do you dread taking your pet to the veterinarian because you know you will have to struggle to get them in the car? If your pet isn’t used to riding in a car, or they are prone to car sickness, the drive to the veterinary clinic can be upsetting. When our veterinarians come to your home, you won’t have to find new and inventive ways to get your pet in your vehicle.

#3: Mobile veterinary care allows our veterinarian to observe your pet’s environment

The ability to observe your pet in their natural environment provides a greater perspective, and can help the veterinarian determine what is contributing to your pet’s issues. 

#4: Mobile veterinary care is easier for multi-pet households

If you have more than one pet, getting them all to the veterinarian for their annual wellness visits and vaccinations can be hectic and crazy. You either have to attempt to get them all in the car at one time, or you have to schedule their appointments individually over several days, which can be extremely time consuming. When our veterinarians come to you, all your pets can be treated at the same time, avoiding unnecessary hassle. 

#5: Mobile veterinary care provides personalized service

Veterinary clinics can be hectic places, and appointments at a typical practice are usually scheduled so that the veterinarian can go quickly from one pet to the next and see as many pets as possible. This often doesn’t allow time for you to ask questions and fully understand your pet’s situation. When our veterinarians come to your home, you and your pet are our top priority, and we give you as much time as you need to get the answers to your questions, to ensure you understand everything that is happening with your pet.

#6: Mobile veterinary care is convenient for you

Getting away from home can be difficult. Maybe you have small children or an elderly parent who needs your attention, which makes taking your pet to the veterinarian an ordeal. When the veterinarian comes to you, your pet gets the care they need without you needing to neglect your home responsibilities. Our visits will also save you time, since you don’t have to travel to and from a clinic and sit in a waiting room until the veterinarian sees you. 

#7: Mobile veterinary care allows you to comfortably say goodbye to your pet

Making the decision to euthanize your pet is difficult and heart wrenching, but being able to say goodbye to your pet in the comfort of your home makes the situation a little easier for you and your pet. You don’t want your pet’s final moments to be in an unfamiliar, sterile clinic environment. Mobile veterinary care allows your pet to remain in your home and leave this world with dignity.

Our mobile veterinary service allows you to provide exceptional care for your pet, without the hassle of transporting them to the veterinary clinic. If you would like to schedule an in-home appointment, contact our team at Mountain Legacy Veterinary Center, to set up a time that fits your busy schedule.